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Want to order the same food for less? Read on...


Why order with us?

Have you noticed a 50p service charge on your Just Eat online food orders?

This is Just Eat's charge, not the takeaway's.

OrderTheFood doesn't charge a service fee to our food ordering customers.

You only ever pay the takeaway menu price.


Are you paying for delivery?

Most takeaways need to charge a delivery fee when you place an order through Just Eat.

This is due to the large fees they are charged to be on Just Eat's site.

When you order through OrderTheFood, you are charged only what is stated on the takeaway menu.

If the takeaway doesn't charge for delivery, then you won't pay for it on OrderTheFood.


Are you getting the best deals and offers?

Most takeaway can't offer you their special offers or best meal deals through Just Eat. This is again due to the high fees they are charged.

You will see all available deals and offers on OrderTheFood. 


Why does your local takeaway want you to use us?

As mentioned above, it's all boils down to fees & charges.

When you order through Just Eat, the takeaway gets charged such a large percentage of the order value it can't give you the best deals, free delivery etc...

OrderTheFood doesn't charge these high fees, so by using OrderTheFood you are helping local business.


Heres an example of the savings you can make:

Order with this takeaway and you'll get:

Free Delivery (Just Eat charge £1.50)
No Service Fee (just Eat charge you 50p)
10% off your online order (not available on Just Eat)

On a £10.00 order you'll save £3.00 !!



Don't miss out...

We are going to add new takeaways each week and you will receive similar savings with each of them.

We'd hate you to miss out, so keep up to date when a new takeaway is added, follow our Facebook page by liking it:

If you would like to save money on your favourite takeaway, send us their details and we will request them to join.