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Add your business to our Site & Apps

LIMITED OFFER: Receive a FREE printer to receive & accept new orders

We run a sophisticated ordering system via our website, iPhone App & Android App.


We already have a large customer base.

We receive 100's of site / App visits each day over a short period of time.

This generates £100's worth of orders each day.

We can supply you with a Wi-Fi order printer (Usually £150.00 - Currently FREE for a limited time).

With this you can accept new orders straight from the printer.

 You'll also get free access to our Business Manager App.

With this you'll receive instant notifications for new orders with all the customer and order details.

So why join us?

  • Our very low fees
  • It costs you nothing to sit on our site
  • FREE printer to receive orders
  • Customers are already visiting our site every day
  • No sign-up fees
  • No administration fees
  • If you don’t receive any orders, you pay nothing
  • If you receive lots of orders, don’t worry - we cap your fee anyway
  • You’re not tied in – we’ll remove you within 24hrs
  • Your customers don’t pay a service charge OrderTheFood is free to use
  • You can afford to offer free delivery and all your latest deals to customers

All you need is a smartphone or iPad to receive orders. You download our Business Manager App, sign in, then receive orders to your device.

Or if you are a particularly busy business, we can install a printer for you. 


No hidden charges…

These are our standard charges:
(no other admin fees or costs)

We charge only 4% + vat for cash orders


7% + vat for card payments

(NOTE: 3% of the card fee goes to Stripe for payment processing)

Once you start to receive multiple orders don't worry - our fees will be capped at £25 + vat per week so this is the maximum you will ever pay.

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