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Welcome to OrderTheFood

We are fast becoming the place to order your takeaway food in Burnley.


We take orders for your favourite local takeaways.

*Delivery or Pickup
*Times vary between takeaways
*Pay by card or cash on delivery 

To find local takeaways download the iPhone App, Android App or visit our ordering site.

Our mission...

Having being in the food industry ourselves for years and listening to other businesses talk about the high fees they pay to be featured on ordering sites, we decided to start our own ordering platform.

What makes us different to most others is that we aim to charge the takeaways no more in fees than if they were paying for, and hosting their own online ordering site. 

We also have the end customer in mind by ensuring they get the best deals available from their favourite takeaway i.e. Free Delivery, Meal Deals, Special Offers etc...

Local takeaways are able to offer their best deals to customers because they are not losing a high percentage of the order price to a 3rd party.

We regularly attract numerous unique visitors to our site and and maintain a loyal following.

If you are a food ordering customer, take a look at our 'Why Use Us' page to see the substantial savings you will make when ordering from local takeaways through OrderTheFood.

If you are a business interested in joining our site, visit the 'New Takeaways' page to see our introductory offers.

If you are ready to place an order now visit our 'Ready To Order' page.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Hope to be serving you soon,